This week has been a doozy, hasn’t it? It started out alright, but then stuff started coming up that made the simplest thing turn hard.

At least, I know it did for me.

My partner and I are putting together another episode for our radio show. We sat down on Tuesday to record the last 5–6 minute segment that we needed. After just one take, we spent the next several hours arguing about what should and shouldn’t be included, why, and how the other needed to communicate better… it was ugly.

Later that afternoon, we had a pretty good follow up conversation that was far more productive and it appeared we were getting back into alignment with each other. The next day, we sat down to take another stab at doing the recording. We got one part of it done, then the arguing started again. It was exhausting.

Yesterday, we sat down for a third time to give it a shot, but his voice was gone. He made a comment about feeling like he was “talking through a wall”. In a literal sense, I knew he was referring to how muffled and rough his voice seemed, but I couldn’t help but catch a more metaphoric perspective on that as well. He looked around the basement area we’re currently using and saw how much dust we were breathing in and decided that was the cause of his hoarseness. He wanted to get it cleaned up so we decided to wait one more day to — literally — sweep the dust away.

Today, the energy was different. We both came to the recording with a little hesitation mixed with positivity. We set the timer and hit “record.” Again, it was just one take, but this time the outcome was great! When we were done, we looked at each other and laughed with relief.

“It only took 3 days to become the people we needed to be to do that 6 minutes!” I told him.

Such is the state of things. No one is immune to the transitions taking place on our planet right now. At some level, we’re all being called to be and become more than we have been, and it’s showing up in every little thing we do.

As I was putting this post together, I felt a rock in my stomach and decided to go for a walk to help move it through and understand the message it was trying to share with me. What came to me was how vital it is to be willing to let go of everything we have been in order to be and become who we’re being called to be.

If you’ve followed my writing for a while, you’re aware that the last few years has seen a lot of letting go. But I have to admit, that there’s also been pieces of me that I’ve been clinging to at some level; shreds of who I once was that I’ve wanted to carry forward, if for no other reason than to hang onto something familiar. But my attachment to the threads of my shredded past are holding me back and it’s time to release them too.

Who I’m becoming isn’t someone new though. It feels like it, and to others who’ve known me for years it most likely looks like it. But what’s really happening is a re-emerging of the authentic me before the world’s expectations and bullshit got planted in my psyche. There’ll always be remnants — the memories and the unconscious layers that peel back — but what’s released is only what no longer fits. It’s OK to let it go.

So, whatever is moving through you, know that you’re not alone in the metamorphosis you’re experiencing. Know too that where ever you are in the process is exactly perfect. It will move through you in its own way and time. Your only job right now is to be with it, honor it, don’t push it away or ignore it. And don’t resist it. Let it wash over you and through you. Let it change you, your relationships, and even your creative expression. What you’ve been tolerating or holding onto is a block in your creative life energy that wants your permission to be released.

On the surface, it might appear totally unrelated, but things we’re tolerating or clinging to will disrupt our creative flow in some way. The longer we tolerate it or cling to it, the more disruptive it becomes. Now’s the time to face it, figure out what it needs and meet it where it is. Unless or until you’re willing to embrace it as a friend who’s trying to help you grow, it will continue to block the life force that’s trying to express itself through you.

Lori Anne Rising is the international award-winning author of “You. Rising! Reclaim Your Life. Live Your Purpose.” She’s also a digital nomad, intuitive empathy, and co-host of the weekly radio show, “Rise ‘n Shine! Not Just for Mornings Anymore.” Her writing and conversations challenge old paradigms, bring light to dark places, and reconnect us with the W.O.W. in our lives — our Wise One Within — opening doors to living a life that sets our soul ablaze! Books, links, and more are available on her website at

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Intn’l Award-Winning Author. Intuitive & Spiritual Mentor for Women. Host of You Rising! Digital Nomad. Learn more:

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