Lighting a Fire Under Your Creativity

If you want to find out just how creative you can be, put yourself in a situation where everything is working against you, you have to find a way no matter what, and your time is extremely limited… then see how you do!

It wasn’t intentional, but that’s exactly what my partner and I found ourselves doing this past weekend. It’s definitely a story that deserves its own post, but I’ll give you the short version for now.

A Little Background

For years we’ve been talking about shifting our income to mobile streams, moving into the 5th wheel and traveling. After more than 5 years of talking about it, this year it’s finally happening — in stages.

First step has always been to start shifting the income from geographically tied to online. That part is FINALLY working this year and growing as we build our radio show platform, our books, and our coaching services and programs.

Second step is to downsize to fit into the 5th wheel. My life was downsized several times over the last few years, his however has been carried with us. He has a 3 car garage full of stuff, and more, to downsize. If you’ve ever gone through that process you know how emotional it can be as you re-evaluate every item you’ve ever held onto for any reason. It’s tough, but he’s getting through it.

Third step: get the 5th wheel cleaned up and set up. It’s been in storage for a few years now and made a nice home for mice, unfortunately. So, each trip to town, we have been taking some belongings we’ll travel with to the 5th wheel, pulling some things out that were already stored there, and doing a bit of cleaning and reclaiming.

So, when I found out Thursday evening that the forest fires in the Portland area were heading toward the storage place that houses the 5th wheel, I admit I panicked a little: our 5 year plan, and our intended home was literally in the line of fire. By time I found out, it was already in the yellow zone (green is “be aware”, yellow is “start packing”, red is “leave now”).

Knowing the fire was 0% contained, knowing how the winds can shift at any time, and not knowing which way they might blow next, we dropped everything, and headed to town to retrieve our future.

A Few Highlights From The Line Of (Creative) Fire:

- It wasn’t until we were standing in front of the 5th wheel itself, after a 2 hour drive, that we both looked at each other and asked, “Did you bring the keys?” Thankfully, I’d opened the emergency escape window to let air circulate last time I’d been there due to the heat, so we were able to climb in. But, every hatch on the outside requires a key to get into. So, getting to tools, getting to the button that lifts the feet for moving it, getting to just about anything that might make the process easier, was a challenge.

- We were outside in the smoke, working at night.

- After about 4 1/2 hour, we got it moved across town to a Walmart parking lot and got to sleep about 2 am — without a mattress on the bed (that’s a different story).

- Before driving the 2 hours back to the coast, we needed to check the tires. That wound up requiring the need to fix the air compressor, which took most of the day, outside, in air so thick with smoke we couldn’t see across the parking lot.

- We finally got back on the road at dusk. Somewhere in the middle of nowhere in the mountains, we heard a tire blow. The explosion took the fender panel clean off. We have a spare. The tool we needed was locked in the one compartment we hoped we didn’t need to break into. Turns out, the tool wasn’t in there anyway.

- As we were discussing Plans R, S & T by this point, a cop pulled up behind us. He happened to have the tool we needed in his trunk! He hung out with us, chatted, and kept his lights on behind our rig the whole time for safety. And, we had a REALLY great conversation with him about the protests, police training, and more.

- We got back to the coast and to bed at about 1am — at least there was a mattress this time!

We decided that if we could get through that 48 hours with everything going wrong that could, and still come out of it with hope for the future, we’re going to do GREAT on the road together!

It was a test of our focus under pressure, a test of our creativity and problem solving skills, and a test of our resiliency and commitment to the vision we had.

Doesn’t that just sound like our creative businesses at times? We are ALL creative creatures. One author I coached years ago was an architect who defined creativity as problem solving. I don’t think I’ve heard a better definition.

Whether it’s figuring out how to take the vision or idea we have in our head and make it real, or facing the challenges life throws at us, it’s a simple matter of being willing to continuously ask, “What’s possible?” and “What else might work instead?”

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Lori Anne Rising, Int’l Award-winning Author, Co-Host of “Rise ‘n Shine!” Radio Show.

Lori Anne Rising is the international award-winning author of “You. Rising! Reclaim Your Life. Live Your Purpose.” She’s also a digital nomad, intuitive empath and coach, and co-host of the weekly radio show, “Rise ‘n Shine! Not Just for Mornings Anymore.” Her writing and conversations challenge old paradigms, bring light to dark places, and reconnect women with the W.O.W. in our lives — our Wise One Within — opening doors to living a life that sets our souls ablaze! Books, links, and more are available on her website at

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Intn’l Award-Winning Author. Intuitive & Spiritual Mentor for Women. Host of You Rising! Digital Nomad. Learn more:

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